A date with Immortals

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Immortals
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School is the place which shapes up our character and makes us what we are now. Ever since my childhood,whenever i came across those personalities who have contributed so much to the world(book was the world for me at that time),I always wanted to do time travel, meet them and have conversation with them. Each of them hv put a different seed in our mind that in each of our life’s footstep knowingly/unknowingly we try to imitate them.My dream of having conversation with those persons is getting fulfilled through this blog.Its just a thought provoking and a fair conversation with some of the best at those times who lived,thought us how to live and made us to realize our dreams.

I was just wandering in the whirl of darkness,didn’t know where i was, thinking it could be just a dream and i am lost somewhere in limbo, but my eyes were wide open.I started seeing a dull light and realized that i was walking on a green grass path which looks quite familiar.The dull light becoming much brighter and my eyes closed immediately in order to avoid sudden gush of sparkling light.When i opened my eyes slowly,i was in a place which even difficult to imagine. I was in the most beautiful place on this universe with green everywhere, a melodious music in the back, creamy clouds in different shapes hitting the top of the mountain as if they r gonna fight,birds making a chirpy sound,somewhere from far distance i could hear the river making a loud noise,animals moving hear and there without having any fear,to my surprise i didn’t see any ppl around there. Just wondered what kinda place it is!!

When i walked a few steps further i saw a grass hut and somebody inside humming a song “Ishwar alla thero naam sabko Sanmathi de bhagavan..” .This song made me curious as i am used to hear that song only once in a year. It didn’t even took a jiff of a second for me to recognise the person who is sitting on a white carpet with a calm and serene look on his face,with one hand on driving wheel of the charaka and another on the thread symbolizing swadeshi principles,self-dependent and independence. He gave me a smile and asked me to sit.

Me : I am very glad to see you and i never thought i will be meeting the person who gave us the independence that we are enjoying today,who taught us peace,simplicity and faith can do marvels.
Bapu : (with the same million dollar smile) The credit should go to those millions of people who fought against British with so much incredible courage and determination.Its coz of their Sacrifices India is enjoying the current status of independence.
Me: I feel you should have stayed their little longer in order to see and guide us to build a better country.It would have created lots of difference than what we are now.
Bapu: what happened ? Now there should be many ppl who are following the footsteps of the great leaders of our times.
Me: Time has changed.There are very few ppl who gives importance to Virtues and values in their life,corruption has spread its wings more than any, in the name of modernization we are forgetting the basic principles of our life, “Satya and Ahimsa” has been buried deep down the ground , there is a lust for power everywhere, the dream of making ‘Ram rajya‘ has just become vote bank statement,ppl are fighting each other for no reason moreover the so called leaders who are supposed to guide us are them-self inducing fear and uncertainty in everybody’s mind.In this situation we need You.
Bapu: Hey Raam!!! . I always think ppl should evolve them-self in order to adapt to change, but change should happen for good.With time People will realize this and they will be back to basic roots.I know they all have the will power to upheld the path that we have shown to them and they will walk through it.They don’t need Us but just a small fire will rekindle those countless precious thoughts in their mind. It just need some time,after all they are from the land of culture and those virtues are already buried inside them.
Me: Those words were very encouraging. We(the new generation) will try our best to follow the path that u have shown to us.
And with a new sparkle in my heart i left the hut.

Then on the way i met a completely deaf and blind girl sitting below a tree on a chair reading a book with her fingers on the book. I realised its just none other than the real light for deaf and blind ppl, Helen Keller who with her determination showed the world even a blind/deaf ppl can live on their own.With immense pleasure and respect i started talking to her using the special writing alphabets she uses to converse.

Me: Everyday on my way to office i see a bunch of blind ppls walking on their own with out requiring anybody’s sympathy or help.I realised the power behind their courage is you,the first blind/deaf person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree,one who taught the world that even such people can contribute to the society if they are given enough space on their own.
Helen :Thanks(after reading the above words).I said this before, though the world is full of sufferings,it is also full of over-comings.Unless we face our fear we never overcome them and that’s the power that drives to do craziest things.These ppl need proper knowledge which will give them the light and vision. One day they will show to this man-made world that even they r not inferior to any of their contemporaries.
Me: I just salute u to all things that you have done to them. Ur courage,inspiration and contribution to American Foundation for the Blind is worth mentioning.U always remain in our heart.
Helen : Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others(with a smile).
Me : I will remember those words.
And I left that place thanking my stars to gave an opportunity to meet her.

Then i entered a place which is full of musical instruments hanging around,a soothing song in the background and was fully decorated with colorful flowers.Is it what we call musical heaven ?? .Then i saw a person singing the most difficult raagas with such a ease.oh !! my god !! Its the legend singer Kishore kumar dha …I waited there listening to his evergreen voice till he completed his verse.
Me: Please accept me as your disciple, i am planning to learn singing.
Kishore : (with his typical wide laugh)Ha ha !!
Me: Every time i listen to your song especially ‘Tere bina zindagi se koi..’ I get goosebumps.Don’t know what mysterious ingredient you have put into that song which takes me to a different world.
Kishore: Its the magic of R D Burman,we just sang the way he asked us to.Even Lathaji had contributed a lot to that song.
Me: ya…U,Lataji and R.D.Burman’s combination is one of the best in the music world.Whenever trio meets, there is always a music mania.
Kishore : The producers knew this better(with his mischievous smile)
Me : Ha ha !!! Even though there are many wonderful singers in the music world now,there is no one who matches your versatility and singing ability.Take a bow for giving us such melodious songs.
Kishore : We were there to serve the Music and we did it sincerely till our last breath.
I shook his hand and left that musical palace with a new energy inside me.

I was enjoying the exuberant nature,greenly spirit of trees on my way,seems like nature goddess has just blessed that place by putting her foot.As soon as i passed a river bank,there was a little girl around 14-15 years playing on the field near the river with full of energy and enthusiasm. As soon as she saw me,she greeted with a lovely smile.I realised its the same kid who withstood all the odds under the regime of Naazis. Ya..the same Anne frank
Me: U look beautiful !! so your plans of getting into hollywood is still on(thts what she mentioned in her book)
Anne:(giggling) If given an offer i will do a role.
Me: How do u feel after coming out of the Bad world ?
Anne: Its not that bad either.Wanted to stay their for a while once the war gets over but didn’t have the privilege.In spite of all the bad things,ppl are really good at heart.
Me: But still i feel your story is unfinished,your meticulously handwritten book reveals your great ambitions and your mature insight into the war and life.Want to hear more from u.
Anne:Well i am still continuing with the kitty(her name for the book),but this time its all about life and love.No more sufferings and pain(Laughs out loudly)
Me: That’s nice of u !! so enjoying your after life to the fullest(with a smile).
Anne :Yup.I am not afraid anymore,just enjoying under nature’s wide arm.
Felt like a kid again after talking to her and inspired me to write Autobiography.Long way to go boy….

It was slowly getting dark and the light was getting duller with time.I saw a man in a deep thinking mode as if the world’s entire responsibility is on his shoulders.With a despair look he saw me,even in the dark shade i could recognise him,its the same famous cartoon character “Common man” created by the legend R.K.Laxman .I was very much astounded to see him there as he is supposed to be in our world.
Me: what are you doing here ? You belong to our world!!
Common man: (Usually a silent spectator, started talking this time)Its no longer my world,it has changed a lot and is really difficult for me to live there.
Me: why ? wht’s the problem ? I feel the world is still a better place for living.
Common man :Ya better place for those who are rich not for people like me.If you have money you rule the world !! Those days when money was really valued, those days when our daily wage was sufficient to fill our stomach, those days when i was proud of voting are gone, government’s budget money has become more expensive but nothing substantial for ppl like us, corruption, scandal, scams, frauds all have become household name, food, gas, petrol price is getting hiked every month,inflation is facing north .There is no hope for me (hangs his head down)
Me: Don’t be so disappointed, without you the world cant exist,u r the pillar and u r the building block.
Common man:I just hope those good old days will come back again.
Me: Lets make it happen. We need you to do that.
Before i could say something,my daily morning alarm started ringing with a loud noise.I just woke up thinking of the wonderful moments i had with those great peoples, hoping to have more such dreams πŸ™‚

  1. John Melvin says:

    Nice Read krisshhh… Enjoyed Gandhi’s and the common man’s conversation with you the most…
    BTW could’nt stop smiling when i read “adapt to change”, finally u got it right :)…
    I advise and wish that u see beautiful gals in ur dreams next time.. Its hightime :)..

  2. krishkn says:

    Thanks .. πŸ™‚ .. Ya I need to get into tht character in order to be themself πŸ˜‰ …. I deliberately put the master dialogue here πŸ˜€ …. I do see beautiful gals in my dreams πŸ˜› …. Will blog them next time πŸ˜›

  3. Rashmi says:

    Such a big post Krish , will read it and comment again πŸ˜€

  4. Rashmi says:

    Good one Krish πŸ™‚ Guess we have to speak to such great people only in dreams since there are no more or very few of them left on earth now.

    • krishkn says:

      Ya Rash….!! but we do hv some greats who just dont want to be called great… !! One simple problem with us is we recognize anybody’s greatness only after their life time.. We are just late to identify them !!

  5. Pavan says:

    Good read, Krish. You sustained the momentum even though its a long post. Anne Frank’s conv is cute :).
    BTW why did you miss Sachin? Guess coz he is alive and going great guns and you didn’t want any bad omen on him? πŸ˜€

    • krishkn says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚ … Two reasons not including Sach here… One as u said ,,two i still have chance of meeting him in person (so cant be a dream πŸ˜‰ )

  6. Phani says:

    Good read dude!

    Nicely written, guess your passion for books, music are coming together in dream. Hopefully someone will incept a romantic conversation next time around πŸ™‚

  7. Pavanesh says:

    Well written Krishsh..way to goooooo

  8. Vidhya says:

    Nice stuff Krish! Keep it up πŸ™‚

  9. ashwini says:

    Usually a silent spectator, started talking this time…doesnt this remind us of somebody in the gang ;);)…i liked the common mans dialogue the most :)…keep up the enthu krish n keep pennin down ur walk across ur memory lanes:)

  10. Kiran says:

    Very good concept Kris.

  11. Interesting thoughts. Will have to get deeper into that matter. Very inspiring, thanks.

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